“From time to time in the course of my work as a professional graphic designer I get inspired to create images just for fun. Sometimes it’s the challenge of ‘can I create that?’ Other times it’s just an expression or statement from the heart. Many folks who follow me on social media ask for t-shirts, mugs, and other ways of sharing these designs. Idaho Printworks is a means to do just that.”


Hand Crafted Expressions from Idaho






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North Idaho is a lifestyle

Made from scratch with the best pixels

The media of digital artwork requires an inventory of high quality pixels to produce finely crafted designs. All our pixels are harvested locally by a poor artist who works tirelessly to select only the best. This is an expensive process because he rejects about over 90% of what is produced. The inferior pixels are then gleened by goth looking vegetarian “artists” who spew art that makes an ugly statement that is scooped up by people who can’t figure out why they’re so depressed.


Got a suggestion? Maybe something you want created just for you? Let’s talk. 

Made to Order